Does your student startup have business potential?

CBS Startup supports qualified student startups with a connection to CBS, by providing some of the essential early venture funding, to support their growth into sustainable business ventures.

CBS Startup Grant

This spring, CBS Startup & Otto Mønsteds Fond wish to celebrate interdisciplinary work and collaboration between CBS and DTU. Therefore, we are going to provide a helping hand in terms of 50.000 kr. to a student start-up business with a connection to both CBS and DTU, on behalf of the Otto Mønsted Fond. To be considered for this grant, the start-up has to be past the Proof of Idea-phase. Furthermore, the start-up will be required to have proven its ambition as well as motivation to develop their idea into a sustainable business. Process, deadlines, assessment.


To be considered for the grant, your start-up has to be past the Proof of Idea-phase. Additionally, your start-up needs to have a connection to both CBS and DTU. At the bottom of this page you will find the application form to fill out. Based on this application form, your application will consist of the following components:

    Presenting your Business Model with information about:

    • In short, what your business is about
    • Team: and its connection to CBS/DTU
    • Revenue Streams & Surplus: How is your business generating revenue streams?
    • Key Resources: What are your key assets required to offer and deliver your product/service?
    • Partnerships: Who are your potential/current key partners?
    • Cost Structure: What are the most important costs inherent in your business model?

    A 3 minute video, where you also answer the following:

    • What's your idea/ which problem do you wish to solve?
    • Where's the business - how will you make money?
    • What are the main challenges to make this a succes?
    • What will you use the grant for and what impact will it have on your company?


    • The video must be uploaded to either Youtube or Vimeo
    • The application-form can be filled out at the bottom of this page


Application deadline: , 2019

First Screening: , 2019

Pitch for the board+Selection of finalists:, 2019

Celebration Event: , 2019


Q: How do I apply? A: You apply by filling out the form at the bottom of this page and pressing 'Send'.

Q: Who will proccess my application, and when can I expect a reply? A: Your application will be processed by a dedicated team at Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship. You will receive confirmation that your application is being processed no more than a week after your submission.

Q: Can I apply anytime? A: The submission deadline is July 31st, 2019. Applications that are received after this deadline will not be considered for the grant.

Q: How is the application assessed? A:

Q: Does CBS Startup provide no-equity funding? A: Yes

Q: When will I know if my application is approved, and what happens then? A: You will be notified whether you application has been approved or not no longer than two weeks after the submission deadline. If your application is approved, your start-up will be invited to pitch in front of the CBS Startup board. Here, the finalists for the grant will be selected.

Q: Who can I contact if I want to know more? A: You can send an email to

Information! Not currently accepting applications!

CBS Startup Grant Application