Djøf as founding member

CBS aims to improve Denmark's competitiveness by fostering young innovative companies. CBS' start-up environment, Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE), has 100 affiliated companies each year. And while many of these companies get their business model in place and learn to be self-reliant, there is still a significant unprecedented potential.

The early start-up phase with the ominous name "The Valley of Death", is especially difficult for start-up companies to get through. It is here the association CBS StartUp can make a difference, says the President of Copenhagen Business School Per Holten-Andersen:

"The purpose of CBS StartUp is to help more of our entrepreneurs, on their way to gaining foothold and contributing positively to society with growth and jobs. CBS StartUp will help young companies with financial support for consultancy aid in the early and difficult startup phase."Per Holten Andersen, President at CBS

The association's operations are funded by members' subscription payments, sponsorship, fund support and public support. Djøf is the founding member of CBS StartUp and has with a grant of 733,000 DKK made it the associations existence possible.

"We are extremely pleased to have Djøf as the founding member of CBS StartUp, which has expanded its work area and network," says Per Holten-Andersen.

Djøf has, according to the chairman of ‘Djøf Private’, Henrik Funder, chosen to support CBS StartUp with a grant of 733,000 DKK, from the now expired fund, Civil Economy Funds, to promote business economic educations.

The Danish Society for Education and Business, DSEB, has also chosen to support CBS StartUp in this early phase. The DSEB has donated 500,000 DKK.

We in Djøf, look forward to a strengthened effort in making new startups even more successful. There is an enormous creativity and dignity among CBS students, who promise sustainable growth and innovation in Danish business. We are looking forward to the coollaboration with the new association, says Henrik Funder.

CBS Executive becomes founding member

På CBS Executive Fondens bestyrelsesmøde d. 26. september 2018 blev det besluttet, at CBS Startup vil modtage en donation på 350.000 kroner.

CBS Executive Fonden valgte på basis af en ansøgning fra CBS, at CBS Startup var et vigtigt initiativ og en værdig modtager af Fondens uddelinger. Ved hjælp af disse midler kan CBS Startup give de mest lovende startups fra CSE og andre steder på CBS en økonomisk håndsrækning, når et sådant behov opstår i de givne virksomheders kritiske opstartsfase.

Med donationen vil CBS Executive Fonden samtidig blive anerkendt som et stiftende medlem af CBS Startup.

Fra CBS Startups side er man meget taknemmelig for CBS Executive Fondens donation, da den viser stor opbakning til CBS’ strategi på området. Midlerne går til iværksættere med tilknytning til CBS for at understøtte den vigtige dagsorden om praktisk iværksætteri på CBS.

Support CBS Startup and help us create and consolidate emerging business in Denmark.

By supporting CBS StartUp you help startups and young entrepreneurs with ambition, knowledge and competences creating value for the society.
Emerging business rooted in startups is what Denmark needs to build the future and continue to compete on an ever changing global scene.

If you are interested in collaborating with, getting on the board, supporting the initiatives or want to hear more about the future plans for, please contact Boardmember and spokesperson for the association

Andreas Gjede

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